Panoramic Window Styles

Home is a place where you go at the end of a day to relax and be with your family. It is a place where one spends quality time with family. So, it is of utmost importance that the architecture should be secure, comfortable and welcoming.

Glass walls are one of the latest trends in modern architecture. There is a certain appeal to the homes that have floor to ceiling glass windows. As they tend to be more attractive and give a soothing appearance to the rooms.
A few reasons to choose big windows when buying 3 BHK & 4 BHK Flats in Zirakpur are as follows:
Natural Daylight
A panoramic window allows a lot of natural daylight in and brings a fresh feel to your room. It might help to reduce stress, depression and even pain. Reading and staying in natural light is also beneficial for your eyes. It even cheers up your mood.
Solar Gain
If designed and positioned properly, these glass walls are very beneficial in cold winters, since these act as a solar gain for heating up the house. It’s a v…

Things to Avoid While Renovating Your Bathroom

From the storeroom to your bedrooms, every portion in your home requires proper maintenance, failing which your house may seem like a wreck. While renovating your house, you need to take care of minute details to avoid waste of money. Bathrooms are always a great starting point when redesigning the house. Real estate developers in Zirakpur advise you to avoid the following mistakes while renovating your bathroom and get the beautiful bathroom you have been dreaming all along:
Relocating Bathroom Fixtures
Avoid relocating bathroom fixtures for one simple reason that new plumbing costs you a fortune. You can design your bathroom while keeping big bathroom fixtures at their own position and spend the money you save in buying beautiful tiles, lighting and décor items of superior quality.
Cluttered Bathroom Spaces
If you are designing the bathroom from scratch, make sure your bathroom is not cluttered. Measure your bathroom spaces before you buy new bathroom accessories and ensure that ther…

Common Superstitions Associated With Moving Into A New House

Superstitions and rituals are followed to bring prosperity and good luck in your life. La Prisma, offering 4BHK flats in Zirakpur, gives you a list of some traditions and superstitions followed in our culture before moving into a new home:
Picking A Good Day To Move
It is believed that picking a good date and time to move into your new home is essential for a good beginning. Generally, Saturdays and rainy days are considered to be unlucky while Thursday is the best day to move in. 
It is believed that if your house is on the 7th or 13th floor then you are lucky. It is also believed that the number of steps leading to your home shouldn’t be in multiples of 3. Some people also believe that picking the right date to move in brings fortune, like moving on the 8th of a month.
Boiling Milk
Boiling milk and rice in an open pot is a symbol of purity and long life. Some of the milk and rice is offered to the household spirits and the rest is served to guests of your home (preferably swee…

Must Have Tools for Homeowners

Once you shift in your home, its maintenance becomes your responsibility. Many times, you need to fix something urgently and there is no help available nearby, moreover, it is not possible for you to call someone for common repairs. For a situation like these, every household should have a toolkit. 

Here are some tools that real estate developers in Zikarpur strongly recommend you to have in your home:
One end of this hammer is flat, and it is used for pounding, the other end is V-shaped notch. The notch helps you extract nails from any surface without damaging the surface or nail.
Manual Screwdriver
A manual screwdriver is the most common tool in any household. You need a screwdriver for fastening knobs of your cabinet, removing switch covers etc. But screwdrivers vary in sizes and heads. That is why you need a package of a screwdriver with different heads and sizes.
Cordless Drill
A cordless drill comes handy to you in performing various household tasks, whether you want to mou…

Safe Driving in Monsoon

Roads become very dangerous and vulnerable to accidents when it is raining. Proper caution should be taken while driving to ensure safety. Let us La Prisma builders in Zirakpur give you a tour on how you can ensure safe driving in monsoon.
Get Your Vehicle Checked
Get your vehicle checked thoroughly at regular intervals. The windshield wiper blades shall be in working condition, get the tyres checked, breaks and headlights should function properly.
Use Headlights
When it is raining, visibility becomes poor. Switch on the headlights so that other drivers know about your presence on the road. The headlights should be in good working condition to ensure better visibility.
Have a Time Margin
When you are driving somewhere, take half an hour extra when it rains. The roads become crowded and logged during rains making it difficult to commute. So, always leave a little earlier if you want to reach on time.
Drive At A Slow Pace
The roads become greasy and slippery during the rain. Also, when you dri…

Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

Unlike an adult’s bedroom, the bedroom of a child is a playground for fun and adventure and provides ample opportunity to put one’s imagination to good use.  However, it doesn’t have to be a tedious process. The main consideration according to us La Prisma real estate developers in Zirakpur should always be the alignment of the décor with the child’s interests and likes. With that thought in mind here are a few simple ways you can do up your little bambino’s chamber to turn it into a delightful retreat.
Add a Sparkling Touch to the Bedroom
One of the best ways to instantly revamp any room is beautiful lighting. With kids, there’s more room for creativity. So throw some string lights over the headboard or create a beautiful lattice of fairy lights and fix it to the ceiling. Rotating lamps that cast cute shadows on the wall add a whiff of magic to the room.
Have Fun with Creative Walls
Painting soft pastel shades are cute but why not be a little more imaginative? Make space for a creativ…

Destroy the Dust

A person spends a fortune on buying and maintaining his dream home. No matter how much you care for your house, you end up finding it dirty. With such alarming rate of pollution in air and such deteriorating quality of air, you might find your home dusty every now and then. 
La Prisma the real estate developers in Zirakpur have got you covered with the following points to shield your house from getting dirty:
•Clean The Corners
Thoroughly clean your home once every month. Clean every corner of the house. Prefer using groom and wet mop for cleaning rather than using vacuum cleaner. Use a strong disinfectant while cleaning.
•Use Rugs Instead Of Wall To Wall Carpets
Don’t use heavy wall to wall carpets or padding as they capture dust and it is difficult to clean them. Use light fabric rugs instead. They can be machined washed and their maintenance is easy. For additional care, remove your shoes before entering your home.
•Proper Ventilation
Ensure appropriate ventilation in your house. Use …