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Why This is the Best Time to Buy a Home in India

The real estate market in India has seen multiple ups and downs all through the years. The market for real properties in the country depends upon a lot of factors, including the economy of the country, the government schemes, income trends, and even a good financial season. Given all of that, not all times provide favorable market conditions for the home buyers to invest in the property.

However, owing to a series of developments in the past few years, it can easily be gauged that now is a very favorable time for home buyers looking to invest in a property to take the plunge, go out a buy a home.

Here is why we are saying so:

End-user at the Advantage

Though there has been a minor increase in the interest rate on home loans recently, the rates are still much lower than what they were  5-6 years ago. On top of that, owing to the government’s push to promote affordable housing for all, several new tax exemption rules have been brought in, putting the end-users, i.e., the home buyers i…

Real Estate Trends That You Can’t Ignore

Real estate is a fairly dynamic market, and one needs to keep himself up to the date to catch up with what’s going to happen next. In the dynamics of the market, the prospective home buyers are often the ones who suffer the most, and La Prisma, which comes from the house of the best builders in Zirakpur, want our prospective customers to stay updated about the market trends and make only the best choices.

Here are some of the market trends for the real estate industry, that you just can’t ignore:

Increase Demand for Certain Kind of Properties
An increased demand for 2BHK and the 3BHK segment is being seen in the market for the last couple of years. This observation is being indicated by a steady surge in the site visits by prospective customers and home buyers. The increased demand for these typical home segments is likely to translate into an upswing in the real estate rates in the near future.

Preference for Easy Processes and Less Hassle
The prospective home buyers are now increasin…

How to Make Your Home Look More Spacious

The more space, the better it is. However, getting an enormously spacious house in the budget constraint is not always possible. But, there's a catch - you can make your home look more spacious and tidy than it actually is by following some key home decor and interior design tips.

At La Prisma, we provide the best apartments in Zirakpur which are adequately spacious, here’s all that you can do make it all appear even more spacious:

Use Mirror Decoration

Putting up large mirrors on the walls of a room drastically improves the appearance, and makes the room away more spacious than actual. This is a technique tried and tested by interior designers worldwide, and you will surely witness a remarkable change in the perception of your house by following it.

Make Use of Natural Colors

Colors also have a lot to do with the space of your house. While lighter and natural colors signify openness and make your space look expansive, deep and dark colors make it look more closed and sophisticat…

Reasons Why Kids Would Love Living at La Prisma

An ideal house should cater to the needs of each family member, and should have something for every age group. La Prisma offers a residential experience that has multiple amenities and benefits catering to the needs of all people in a family.

La Prisma is one of the best residential townships in Zirakpur, and we provide luxurious 3bhk & 4bhk flats in Zirakpur. The township is fully equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities, making the life of the occupants a lot more convenient. Amongst all of that, what actually stands out and makes us unique is our focus on providing high-quality, dedicated facilities for the children in families.

Here’s all what’s in store for kids at La Prisma, the best flats in Zirakpur.

Separate Play Area for Children

La Prisma has developed dedicated area for the kids to play and have fun. These areas have been strategically kept away from the busy roads and areas of rush, ensuring the safety of kids while at play.

Kids Splash Pool

Kids love to…