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How to take care of your house this monsoon

Monsoons are one of the most awaited seasons of the year when you can enjoy your evening tea in your balcony and looking at the chilled raindrops touching the hot sand, But we can’t deny that monsoon brings damage to your house, especially the walls. Leakage, cracks, fungus are not less than a nightmare for you. La Prisma provides you with Best Flats in Zirakpur, where you don’t have to worry about any of these nightmares.

Here are some points to be taken care of:

Prevent Seepage

 If you will not prevent the damage at an early stage you will be welcomed with damp walls. So you have to find the cracks and crevices beforehand from where the water seeps. Fill the cracks with putty and then paint it. In addition, you can also remove the loose plaster and apply a new one. You can also apply waterproof cement along with waterproof paint. This will not let the water damage your walls.

Fix Loose Wires

Get the unattended wires fixed before the monsoon. If you find any fault in the wires, then ge…

An Artistic Feel to Your Home

The inside plan assumes an exceptionally basic part in leaving a solid impact on your visitor’s mind. The style and plan of any business space or an inhabited space certainly matters. The land proprietors flourish to offer the best stylistic layout in order to influence their insides to look more excellent. Inside embellishment is a workmanship and it has a momentous effect in any space when done in the most aesthetic way.

La Prisma is a residential apartment in Zirakpur which expresses that there are a plenty of styles and outlines in the township, which a proprietor can settle on according to his taste and inclinations. The township has committed the greatest measure of time on their insides in order to give it an appealing and terrific standpoint. The builders in Zirakpur trusts that a decent stylistic layout and outlining in the home influences it to look more useful, lovely and reasonable. We feel giving an artistic look to your home will be out of the box and will give your ab…

Make The Best Out of Your Space

Arranging your house is one major challenge. We always try to make our homes look beautiful and systematic, but sometimes fail to organize them and end up creating a mess. We often fight with storage space too, and our home appears congested.

As a Real Estate Developers in Zirakpur, we aim at providing you with the most luxurious and spacious apartments. Below are some ways that can help you to get more storage space and keep your things organized.

Handbags on the cupboard door - Bags consume more space in the wardrobe. To make it look more spacious or to use the space for any other purpose you can hang the bags on the door of cupboards.

Add Drawers - If your cupboard doesn’t satisfy your needs add drawers under the table and put your thing accordingly in it.

Always buy functional furniture -  It means a piece of furniture which can be used for more than one purpose. You might take a sofa which can turn into a bed when needed. It will also reduce the need for one more furniture item in y…