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A Ticket To Heaven

At some point in our life, we hope to buy our dream house. It takes a lot of time for deciding a place to live in or making an appropriate investment. For some people living on the busiest streets or localities, the only wish is to wake up to a panoramic view. Whereas, for some, it’s about buying a property that has everything to offer under one roof.
La Prisma project was planned; keeping in mind the lifestyle and the changing needs of the city. The purpose behind forming such an idea was to create a space for living that is more of a peaceful retreat. The entrances, parks, fountains, and balconies; almost everything was designed with an objective of providing people a place to cherish. 
“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be measured with money, and that sincerity and integrity.” La Prisma offers a wide range of variety to its customers to choose from as per the size of their family. Nuclear families can decide on a 2BHK or a 3BHK apartment. Whereas, joint fa…

Allow Your Dreams to Come True

La Prisma entered the real estate industry with a vision of creating something uniquely extraordinary. The project was designed by United Builders - the best Real Estate Developers in Zirakpur with an experience of 13 years. Their core objective of fulfilling what people hoped and desired, has finally come true.
We can all imagine specific details when it comes to designing our own place to live in. The walls, flooring, doors and even switches; everything in every area will shine with class. The kitchen is completely modular. The bathroom tiles are ceramic, fittings and fixtures are either Jaguar, Mahindra or Kolar (or equivalent). The flooring, staircase and balconies are designed beautifully. There is an individual area for the car to be parked in a covered space. The entire building is earthquake resistant and therefore, a calamity can be averted. There is a 24x7 power back up with an adequate water storage for rain water harvesting. Also, there is a 24x7 solar water heating syste…

A Perfect Living Experience

All of us want to have a grand experience in living. Hence, before making a huge investment we take a few things into consideration. The first thing we ask ourselves before buying a place to live in is; how convenient a location is?

La Prisma, the real estate developers in Zirakpur is not just located in the most popular vicinity, but has also succeeded in designing the most outstanding project of all times.

The project itself is so fascinating that one gets awed by the whole idea of it. The outdoor and indoor amenities are simply incomparable. As soon as you enter the property you’ll feel welcomed with a huge entrance decorated with water sculptures. The pleasing landscape and an open green area is a treat to the eyes. The beautiful fountains and tree-lined boulevards are just too beautiful to watch.

The facilities provided for the kids will amaze you, as all the possible details were kept in mind before planning the project. The play area is free from vehicular movement, which reli…

Pursuit of buying a Luxury Home

Buying a luxury home can be rather prodigious at the start. If this is your first time for buying a new home, you might be uncertain to even start such a complicated process. Let us closely look at unraveling the mystery of a luxury home with Top 3 bhk luxury flats in Zirakpur.
Why are some properties known as luxury homes? What is special about luxury homes? These properties are chic & exclusive and have loads of facilities to offer you such as big size, the topmost factor. The size is just one of the infinite factors that go into the creation of a luxury home. There are other major factors that are diligently planned and put together to pamper your sense of living. 
Here are some tips to give you a better idea and simplify the hunt for finding your dream luxury home:
1. Put down the exact list of amenities, facilities and the location detail that you would prefer for dream luxury pad. The reason is that this exercise will ensure that there are no nasty surprises once you actual…

Location Does Matter

Location plays a significantly important role when it comes to real estate. It is the only thing that gives you the neighbourhood that you desire for your children in the future. The place where we choose to build our houses or the location where we decide to invest our money is the most important factor when buying real estate.

Almost every real estate developer excessively stress on how the location is ideal for living or how the surroundings, the environment makes the real difference.

Over the period of time the real estate market has expanded so much that the only thing that sets them apart from each other is the choice of land or the area where they decide to build the society. Every time a buyer decides to invest in the residential property; his only concern is to see the level of profitability it will give him in the coming time. Therefore, a person who spends that much money is looking for a return; in case he stays or decides to sell.

A lot of factors are considered before an …